Family Law Attorneys

In comparison with other kinds of legal practices, family law is possibly the most sensitive and hard to practice. The reason behind this is due to family law is coping with problems like citizenship, divorce, child abuse, adoption, annulments, inheritance and household disputes. That is the reason why, when selecting a family law attorney it’s […]

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Learn More about Family Law, Probate, Estate Planning, Guardianship, and Civil Litigation


Most lawyers or any other professionals who specializes in the legal system are familiar with the terms family law, probate, estate planning, guardianship and civil litigation. It is definitely common for them to use these different terms in their work, as well as to the legal services they offer to their clients.

Family law is basically recognized as an area of the law that can also be called as matrimonial law. This certain area of the law deals with domestic relations and family matters, such as paternity fraud and testing, juvenile adjudication, marriage, civil unions, adoption, domestic partnerships, surrogacy, child abuse, and child abduction. The family law also deals with the termination of relationships, as well as ancillary matters, and that includes alimony awards, child support, child custody and visitation, divorce, annulment, property settlements, and alimony.

Probate is basically a term that is defined as the legal process wherein a will is already proved in the legal court and being accepted to serve as a valid public document of the deceased individual’s true last testament. Check out to learn more about lawyers.

The term estate planning is being used by the people and the professionals to refer to the process of arranging and anticipating for both the disposal and management of an individual’s own estate while they are still alive and up to their death. Estate planning is being used to minimize income tax, to minimize gift, and to minimize generation skipping transfer.

Guardianship is basically defined as a legal term that is being used when the legal court orders someone other than the parents of a child to manage the property of the child, and have custody of the child. The term guardianship is different from adoption, for in guardianship the parents are still liable to have their rights as parents of the child, guardians are being supervised by the court, and the court can end the guardianship once the parents are already capable to take care of their own child.

Civil litigation is definitely a legal term that is being used by the burleson attorney or any professionals who practices the law. It is basically defined as a legal dispute between two or more entities that aims or seeks for money damages or any other performance rather than the sanctions of the criminals.

The family law lawyer who specializes in civil litigation is called as a trial lawyer or simply, as a litigator. The most common types of civil litigation includes antitrust, intellectual property, environmental law, housing law, products liability, and labor and employment.

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